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Nursing Care
Gargash IVF’s dedicated nursing team are specially trained in fertility nursing and come from various backgrounds in women’s health including midwifery, emergency and intensive care units, and general nursing areas.

Gargash IVF’s unique nursing care allows for an individual nurse to care for each individual patient providing continuity of regular care. The nursing team is the patient’s point of contact throughout their treatment, to answer questions, discuss problems, commence a cycle or liaise with the patient’s managing doctor on their behalf. They also perform blood tests and scans, give injections, and guide patients through techniques to enable future injections to be self administered in the comfort of the patient’s own home.

Specialised nursing services are also provided for patients requiring specific care throughout the early stages of pregnancy, and patients undergoing treatment through IVF program.

The Early Pregnancy Care Nurse is responsible for managing the care of patients in the early stages of pregnancy, including women who have experienced a pregnancy loss, or who are at risk of experiencing a pregnancy loss.

This involves repeating blood tests where necessary, monitoring the hormone levels, liaising with the patient’s fertility specialist and providing information, advice and further instructions. The Early Pregnancy Care Nurse also liaises with patients around the time of their pregnancy scans or the time of a pregnancy loss. The nurses are available seven days per week and begin their morning clinic before office hours at 7.30am for the convenience of patients and through the emergency contact line, either the nursing coordinator or one of the nurses can be approached for any emergency help round the clock.