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Obstetric Care Unit
Our pregnancy unit undertakes care of early pregnancy problems and high risk pregnancies. Our early pregnancy unit provides care of IVF/ICSI pregnancies, Threatened miscarriages, Ectopic Pregnancies and all other early pregnancy complications. We have facility for Nuchal Translucency Scanning for the genetic screening of fetuses. Interventional procedures like Amniocentesis (Aspiration of Amniotic Fluid for assessment of fetal chromosomes) and Cervical Cerclage (Application of stitch to the cervix for prevention of pregnancy loss) in cases with short cervix, repeated pregnancy loss and higher order multiplets for prevention of pre term labour. Our unit routinely performs Detailed Anomaly Scan for assessment of congenital abnormalities of the baby including the congenital heart defects. We routinely perform interval growth scans for the assessment of the growth of the fetus and early detection intra uterine growth restriction.