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Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis[PGD]

1. What is pgd?

A. It is checking the chromosomes or the genes of the embryos by taking biopsy before transferring them to the wife’s uterus

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

2. Who needs to do pgd?

A.Patients with repeated implantation failure [ivf,icsi]
   Patients with repeated abortions 
   Patient with frequent genetic disease
   Patients with rare genetic disease.
   Patients with chromsomal abnormality.
   Patients with family history or a child with chromosomal abnormality

3. What are the tests that are done in pgd?

A.We check the embryos by checking the blastomere for chromosomal abnormality in their number such as trisomies , Or check the transfer of part of chromosome to another chromosome such as robertsonian or recoprocal translocation Or missing part of the chromosome. These are called structural chromosomal abnormality.
We can check all the chromsomes for structural and numerical abnormality by array cgh [comparative genomic hyberdization].

We can check single gene disorders such as :

Thalassemia gene in the embryos and transfer the non affected or carreir embryos only
There are other rare disorders that can be trnsmitted to the embryos and can be cheched bebore transferring the embryos

4. How many of these tests can be performed in our center?

A. We can perform all the tests starting from fish for sex selection ,fish forchecking nine chromosomes,array cgh, Single gene disorders whether frequent or infrequent disease.